The Domestic violence project

The year 2011 has been filled with pretty violent events in Nigeria from bomb blasts (who would have thought) to brutal murders and battering. A shocking example is that of a young couple, where the husband, a banker, slaughtered his wife and cut her body into bits. Check it here for further info.

Another is that of a Nigerian ambassador, who beats his wife to a pulp. Also read more on this here and here. The sad truth is that these cases are domestic issues. When did we humans become wild animals. I remember when we used to have several dogs in our house and even the wild ones were tamed when the females (bitches) were on heat. Why are humans different?

My close friend Arome, called me up and said he had this short story he wanted to tell via the TV/film medium. This got me excited and after the 1st presentation, I was sold. I developed it into the cheapest possible short film we could produce, hence casting him as the lead/only role. Enjoy the result of some hard work…




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