Canon shows they listen to filmmakers (The EOS 1D X)

October 18th 2011 will forever be etched in the memories of filmmakers, being the day broadcast and imaging giant, Canon announced what to me is a behemoth that signifies all things in image creation….




As a 7D shooter, I would say the following prayers have been answered:

  • Brand new compression modes: two new compression formats offered on the EOS-1D X include intraframe (ALL-i ) compression for an editing-friendly format and interframe (IPB) compression for superior data compression, giving professionals the options they need for their ideal workflow.
  • Less moire (or so they claim): Let’s wait and see.
  • Improved processors: Dual Digic 5 and one Digic 4 processors. I wonder why they need a total of 3 processors in ONE friggin camera. Hope it doesn’t suffer the overheating issues that plagued the 7D.
  • Timecode: Aaaah, we can conveniently call it a “video” camera now. RED loyalists, where art thou?
  • Manual audio levels: This outta be better than what is offered in the recent line.
  • Full frame sensor: Erm… like I said, I am a 7D shooter and I have learnt to live with the APS-C cropped sensor size.

Features looking great? Yeah! And all this would be available for order in March 2012 at………..

$6,800 (est)

Oh well, a bit steep but I think is worth the money. Or Canon could put the improved Digic processors and the video goodness in the 7D and call it the EOS 7D X. That would be just awesome!!!

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  1. Ossai Jerry
    October 18, 2011 at 7:57 pm · Reply

    Lol! Is that why we are here? Nice smile? Smh.

    Hope you know it still doesn’t shoot 60fps on 1080p. Check out the Sony alpha A77.

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