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Canon shows they listen to filmmakers (The EOS 1D X)

October 18th 2011 will forever be etched in the memories of filmmakers, being the day broadcast and imaging giant, Canon announced what to me is a behemoth that signifies all things in image creation….       As a 7D shooter, I would say the following prayers have been answered: Brand new compression modes: two…

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The Domestic violence project

The year 2011 has been filled with pretty violent events in Nigeria from bomb blasts (who would have thought) to brutal murders and battering. A shocking example is that of a young couple, where the husband, a banker, slaughtered his wife and cut her body into bits. Check it here for further info. Another is…

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The Greatest – A Tribute to Steve Jobs

You revolutionized the technology sector, showing people how to sell anything that was well designed, even if it was shit! You taught me that aggressive marketing is the greatest tool for a business. You gave us nerds a chance to be part of the “cool guys club” just by owning your gadgets. You are more…

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Grand Finale of Dance 234

Today is the Grand Finale of the most entertaining dance reality show on Nigerian TV, Dance 234. The Show started in June, 2011 when the national auditions kicked off and it’s been a hell of a ride. The set undergoing the last few touches before SHOWTIME! Stay tuned. Новости крыма

Adventures with my Canon 7D

This is in no way a review of this camera. If you are looking for that, Google the bloody thing! This is a diary of the several escapades I’ve had with this amazing little “toy”. Enjoy!   clash of clan hack tool

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